sarma18Less than two weeks left until the traditional winter rally on beautiful roads of Gulbene region and entry process for the Rally Sarma 2018 what will start on 10th February are in progress. While weather in main part of Latvia looks like spring every warm day generate ice on the roads of Gulbene what is so necessary for the winter rally.

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Possibility to make entry with lower fee is available until 29th January but entries will be open until the 2nd February. Several competitors already have acknowledged that the first round of the championship has been so ruthless to the studded ice tires that participating in Rally Sarma depends on whether they will succeed in finding tires and money for them. Organizers of Rally Sarma receiving daily questions and phone calls from participants who are planning to send entries in next few days.

Roads of Gulbene region is covered with more than ten centimetres of snow. Snow packing due thaw and with frost it will increase cover of ice and packed snow. Long-term weather forecast promise lot of snow and colder weather during week. Thanks to that, snowbanks will grow on sides of the roads.

Rally Sarma 2018 will start with an opening ceremony on evening of 9th February in Gulbene, but competition on roads of Gulbene region will go on 10th February. Winners will be find out at nine special stages with total distance 109,94 km and total distance of rally slightly more than 390 km.

Information about accommodations possible to find in tourism information webpage Follow to the news of Rally Sarma on Facebook and Twitter, while other official information can be found in webpage of Latvian Rally Championship

Ģirts Avotiņš
Rally Sarma
media officer