In order to contribute to a reduction of energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions in the Baltic Sea Region, energy supply systems in all countries need to become much more efficient.

Gulbene Municipality Council together with Riga Technical University, Vidzeme Planning Region and eight foreign partners from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland are working on energy efficiency project “Low Temperature District Heating for the Baltic Sea Region” (LowTEMP) which is related with implementation of low temperature district heating systems in the countries of Baltic Sea region.

In the project is planned to develop low temperature heating implementation strategy, carry out testing in the existing buildings and district heating systems, as well as increase employees knowledge and capacity of municipalities within the field of low temperature heating. Partners are planning to implement pilot projects in many municipalities. In Latvia municipality for pilotproject implementation are selected Gulbene (Beļava village).

G. Kalmane