Gulbene Municipality is a local level municipality located in the North–East of Latvia, and consists of 13 villages and Gulbene city administrative territory. The number of the inhabitants of the municipality is about22 000.

Municipal decision making instrument representing local inhabitants is Gulbene Municipality Council (GMC). GMC is responsible for legal operation of the municipal institutions and usage of finances. GMC functions include taking care of education, culture and preservation of traditional cultural values and cultural objects; providing access to health care, social assistance, promotion of economic activity, etc. GMC is responsible for coordination of the municipal educational institutions administrative work, methodical work and strategically planning.

GMC initiates social, educational, project etc. activities that fall in line with the development plans of its territory and address needs of the different local population groups. GMC also renders support to the different population groups including youth, seniors, disabled and disadvantaged people to help them carry out their ideas and ambitions to improve quality of life and to facilitate their active civil participation.


Gulbenes novada dome (Gulbene Municipality Council)

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Gulbenes novads