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Receiving restrictions

The owner or lawful possessor of the relevant land shall need a local government permit for felling of trees outside the forest, if the trees are felled in the city and village area, in the specially protected nature area, in the territory in which cultural monuments are located and in the protection zone thereof, in the park, cemetery, alley, along State and local government roads, in the protection zone of surface water bodies, the local government territory, in the area specified in the development planning documents, and when the height of the trees at 1.3 metres from the roots neck has reached the circumference in accordance with Annex 1 to Cabinet Regulation No. 309 of 2 May 2012, Regulations regarding felling of trees outside the forest.
This is a free service, except in the case of damages for the reduction of natural diversity related to felling of trees in the city and village area. Cases where no damages are determined are listed in paragraph 25 of those rules. In all other cases, damages shall be determined.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In order to receive a tree felling permit, a motivated application addressed to the Environmental Protection Commission for felling trees outside the forest must be submitted to the State and Local Government of Gulbene State and Local Government Unified Customer Service Centre, adding a situation plan in which the trees to be felled are marked, the decision of the General Assembly of apartment owners of a multi-apartment residential house to perform the felling of wood, the conclusion of a certified expert, if a tree kills a building, engineering communications.

  2. Service Processing
    The Environmental Protection Issues Commission shall, after receipt of the submission, perform a field inspection of trees and evaluate the conformity of felling of trees with the regulatory enactments. The Commission shall take a decision on the issue of an authorisation for felling trees, determining the amount of the damages and specifying the conditions for the payment of damages and the receipt of a felling permit, or give a reasoned written refusal to issue a permit for felling of trees.
    The damages for the reduction of natural diversity in accordance with the Commission decision (the amount in euro without value added tax) shall be calculated taking into account the coefficients referred to in Annex 3 to Cabinet Regulation No. 309 of 2 May 2012, Regulations on the felling of trees outside the forest.

  3. Receipt of services
    A decision regarding felling of trees shall be received in person at the joint customer service centre of the State and local government of Gulbene county, Abele Street 2, Gulbene, or by post